Composer & Musician

Long time hipster crush, Elin Palmer of the Lee Lewis Harlots, has finally broken out with her own heart fluttering solo project. Born in Värmland Sweden, her music roots stem back to the folk music of Sweden. Typically hired for her precision with the violin and Nyckelharpa (an ancient Swedish instrument) she is more of a “multi-instrumentalist”; even rocking out some guitar for the newest album.

Elin has had the pleasure of working with a lot of acclaimed artists throughout the years, including 16 Horsepower, The Czars, Wovenhand, guest recording for M.Ward & The Flobots, The Fray, The Bellamy Brothers and Jeff Zentner. Her first band “Unsound” released an album produced by the legendary Joe Queer of the punk rock band “the Queers”. She was a core member and one of 3 string arrangers for Munly, in his former group Munly and The Lee Lewis Harlots. Elin has toured and played for Eric Bachmann (of Archers of Loaf) in the band Crooked Fingers, as well as performed arrangements by Tom Hagerman of Devotchka and toured with the band as a performing musician— including a performance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

Being a well-established working musician for years now, Elin’s projects highlight her beautiful vocal and instrumental arrangements with ethereal Scandinavian accents flavoring her own (and oh, SO refreshing) take on indie rock. Her first solo album “Postcard,” produced by local legend Bob Ferbrache of Absinthe studios, was released in 2010. A new release is expected in 2014.

Soul of a blue


Creator / Choreographer & "Lavana"

Anna Duvall – graphic designer by day, choreographic visionary by night, is an artist by design through a creative capacity that has no bounds. With her keen eye for such visual applications as graphics, set and costume design, her productions – previously showcased in Denver and New York City, as well as Jerusalem – exude her distinctly elegant, theatrical flair.

Excelling in dance since an early age, Duvall was a first place scholarship recipient of the Denver Ballet Guild and among the first Americans invited to study at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow; a story which garnered news coverage from both CNN and the Moscow Times. Having received full scholarships from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, San Francisco Ballet and Colorado Ballet School; and connected with a variety of international artists – Duvall found opportunity in Japan as a guest artist – to perform, teach, and further her training.

Duvall’s professional dance career began with Colorado Ballet, where she performed for over a decade in roles such as the Spring Fairy in Cinderella, Russian Girl in Serenade, and the White Cat in Sleeping Beauty. With the Colorado based Ballet Nouveau – Duvall earned critical praise from the Denver Post for her role as Snow Queen and Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker. Upon later joining California Ballet, she performed in such productions as the company’s Nutcracker, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and various Repertory works.

​In the fall of 2014 – Duvall will be attending NYU – on scholarship—to further her teaching credentials and partake in American Ballet Theatre’s Pedagogy Master’s Program at the university. For more information about the program, please visit:

Director & "Lion"

Ben Sargent graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School with an MFA in 2005. He founded and continues to work with Studio Six of the Moscow Art Theater, having performed in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Boston, Connecticut, New York, Baltimore, and Montreal. His teaching credits include the Lee Strasberg Institute (Biomechanics, Movement for the Actor), Studio Six workshops (Acting and Movement), and New GeneRussian (Moscow Art Training). He has directed original theater pieces since 2008; Gogol Project, I Heart Chekhov, La Cueca, and Doroga.

A Note from the Director -- “Soul of a Butterfly has a defiance that resonates in a way I haven't seen before. The play reads like instructions or a recipe, which is itself a kind of theme for her journey. How do we follow the instructions we are given? She juggles love, humor, loss, and spirituality instinctually, employing stage experience while pushing her comfort zone.”

Publicist / Advisor

Freelance journalist Jasmine Rios found inspiration in dance through film and exposure to live performance during her youth in San Francisco. Trained in music, theatre, and dance; followed by Journalism & Mass Communications – Rios’s decade long career path down Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations avenues spanned from 1997 until 2007 – when she found both opportunity and her true calling in arts journalism. Freelancing ever since, Rios’ media affiliations have varied from local to regional, and national to international print and online news sources. Current affiliations include Dance International Magazine, Dance For You, and the North Bay Bohemian newspaper. 

​Rios is also the founder of Mina Communications – a consulting business for the Arts – established to provide the arts community with solutions to their marketing, public relations, and advertising service needs. To learn more, please visit:

LIGHTS & SOUND/Patrick Bakalli has been a lighting and sound design technician for more than 15 years. Before joining Cabrini Repertory Theater as Audio and Visual Director, he ran the a/v department for AIDS non-profit The One Foundation, which utilized Patrick’s skills for staged performances, both in & out of doors. He has been with Cabrini Rep since the theater opened, and has since designed projections & run tech for many plays, increasing each show’s ability to run smoothly and look as stylishly beautiful as possible. The majority of shows that Patrick has teched have gone on to the finals. He is also an avid photographer, which goes hand-in-hand with his love of subtle lighting and compelling projection design.

STAGE MANAGER/Molly Cohen has worked on over 40 productions, in roughly 10 different capacities. Some favorites include Luzimbu and Great Jones Variations, both of which she stage managed with La MaMa ETC in New York City, and Knight of the Burning Pestle, a production she stage managed for the Ithaca Shakespeare Company. She is a graduate of Ithaca College, where she received her B.A. in Drama.